The Enterprise Social Network
That Integrates with Document Management
Collaborations Tools amd All Communication Channels
Cost Effective
Call Center Software
for Commercial, support & technical departments
Email Archiving
Cloud Storage, Advanced Search, Document Association
and automatic email forwarding with our Workflow System.
Anytime, anywhere
Collaboration tools across all devices
Embedded Security
Antivirus, Antispam, Firewall, Proxy and VPN included
Email and groupware server solution, to exchange emails, manage agenda and address book. Browser access, email client integration and mobile ready!
Voice, Video, Fax, Professional Chat, SMS easily integrated with email server, web server, security server and business applications.
Document management software and workflow system, which enables the Management of Business Process, and the Recording of all Communications.

Social Network for Companies, allows integration with Business Applications, all types of communication, and instant document sharing.
The UCoIP concept has been transformed into a Service allowing professionals to communicate with a Single Address, by all channels and securely.
Besides storing, sorting, multi-platform access and advanced search, IPBLOC Email Archiving includes workflow functionalities.

IPBLOC.IC an all-in-one server solution:
- Intranet Server
- Unified Communications Server
- Security Server
Cost effective Call Center technology for companies that have the need of this service, for their commercial, technical and financial departments.