IPBLOC easy Linux
All about IPBLOC solution for intranet and communications servers with the following major features:
-> Linux automatic installation (5 minutes)
-> Web based function oriented interface
-> Disaster recovery (15 minutes)

IPBLOC - simply convincing
IPBLOC is a complete integrated server system. Compared to other known competitor products it offers the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership). IPBLOC sets the standard for stable and secure data tranfer. Set-up costs are comparibly low. Further management can be carried out from within your own organisation. The average complete system installation take just 10 minutes. IPBLOC can be used right away.In case of hardware alternation (e.g. disaster issues or scalability needs) all enterprise- and system specific adaptions will be incorporated through restoration procedures. Your rebuilt system is up immediatly.

IPBLOC - function oriented
IPBLOC is a network operating system with a simple and functional administration, thanks to innovative "BusinessLogic" GUI interface. Your organisation doesn't depend anymore on experts to keep the backbone of your business running with high availability. Thanks to this new approach, the valuable resourses can be devoted to your primary business needs!

IPBLOC - reduced complexity
-> automatic installation without compatability problems
-> simple configuration ("Business Logic oriented menus")
-> integration of intranet and communication services
-> scalability - allows master and slave architecture
-> automatic security updates
-> configuration reactivation within 5 minutes
-> disaster recovery (15 minutes)

-> Supported on Linux typical uptime
-> Based on robust throughput management on communications:
-> Denial of Service Management
-> Traffic Shaping and QoS (Quality of Service)
-> Content filtering and Anti-Virus Solution

-> Basic security provided through Linux-kernel and networking
-> Intergration of award-winning Security Tools
-> Continuous online security updates of all software components

-> Configuration data never being transfered outside your organisatio
-> Integrated configuration data backup (IPBLOC.D)
-> Integrated enterprise data backup

-> the current IT structure of your firm can be maintained and intergrated
-> Inclusion of Directory-Services (ADS, LDAP)
-> Security and intergration of VolP devices within your own communication system

Linux-based technology is future-oriented, low cost and reliable

IPBLOC contains the intranet and communication service model of any typical organisation, making easy to configure all the services without Linux or network knowledge. Still any specific configuration can be made using an advanced GUI for skilled people.
IPBLOC is hardware independent. In case of disaster you can use IPBLOC.D to recover the system on any server.
Within IPBLOC.IC all configuration characteristics are stored taking into account their specific context.
Configuration data is preserved and enriched with timestamps, enabling any configuration recovering. Configuration versioning minimizes your maintenance expenses.