Call Manager 4IPBLOC

CallManager4IPBLOC is a call management module and is mainly used for receptionists and callcenter supervisors .

It is based on Flash Operator Panel 2 (FOP2) and allows you to manage and monitor the status of extensions, sip trunks, queues and conference calls, of a company, through a simple web interface.

The CALLManager4IPBLOC interface is mainly composed of two areas: The taskbar that allows the user to perform actions, and the viewing area of extensions, queues, trunks and conferences.

In the IPBLOC WEB Interface there is also a menu for the CallManager4IPBLOC, which lets you configure which buttons are visible and which extensions each user will have available.
Action Toolbar Features:
 Make calls

 Transfer calls

 Transfer to voicemail

 Pickup Call

  Listen and speak to an extension

 End call

  Record calls

 The"Filter Box" allows you to make filters by name or extension number

 The"Dial Box"allows you to write numbers or urls for sip calls

 The"Presence Select Box"allows you to set your status , for example , in case you need to leave