Enjoy all the High Availability benefits!

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High Availability is the key concept for large companies scenarios because it allows the entire system to work without any interruptions or failures.

High Availability
There fundamental services in your business that can not stop such as the e-mails forwarding, the total security of your system and the continuous availability of web service. Our proposal for a corporate scenario is to put two (or more) security servers IPBLOC.SEC and two communications servers The (IPBLOC.C) operating in high availability, ensuring that these services never fail.
Thus, the mail relay service and perimeter security server IPBLOC.SEC never stops - if a server fails, the other automatically assumes the functions without the user even noticing that change. It also ensures the continuous and fast access to your company web pages, beacause the web server, which is housed in a datacenter outside the internal network, also works in cluster.

Quick access to information
The users authentication on the system is always faster because the load is spread over two or more Intranet servers (IPBLOC.I) - which are working in a 'master’ and 'slave’ architecture. Due to this, the access to business applications is quick. These servers are connected by optical fiber to a SAN (Storage Area Network), where data is stored. And are these connections that guarantee the speed of access to information.

Communication without boundaries
Whether for VoIP, whether through traditional phone lines, your company is always in contact with the world, due to our Unified Communications central (IPBLOC.GT). In addition to providing all types of communications (Voice, Video, Fax, Email, SMS, Instant Messaging and Web) through a single appliance, IPBLOC.GT is a Media Gateway - linking traditional telephony equipment - and also performs functions of IP PBX.

Secure connections
Being a big company, establishing secure connections between branch offices and headquarters is also a critical point in this scenario. In order to do that, each branch has a VPN server (IPBLOC.C, which also provides security functions and communication services) to establish secure communication channels with headquarters.


Faster access to information

  • ♦ The fiber optic connections between the Intranet servers and SAN (where all information is stored) ensure the speed of the system. Moreover, these connections are more robust, reliable and provide a higher bandwidth.
Growth without limit

  • ♦ If you saw the previous scenarios for micro, small and medium companies, you may deduce that IPBLOC growth power is inexhaustible. Scalability is one of the secrets of our solutions success.
E-mail service never fails

  • ♦ The e-mails forwarding inside and outside the company never fails because the server in charge of this service is operating in high availability.


Intranet servers of the company’s headquarters are in 'master’ and 'slave’ architecture and are connected by optical fiber to a SAN. So this scenario allows fast access to information, regardless the number of authenticated users. One of these servers can also be an Intranet server to support business applications, in this case the Document Management System and Workflow, iPortalDoc.

The company’s Unified Communications services are provided by IPBLOC.GT central, which can be a Media Gateway and an IP PBX.

Both IPBLOC.SEC security servers (protecting the entire perimeter of the enterprise) and the web servers IPBLOC.C (keeping this service always available) are working on cluster. There is also a branch connected to the headquarters, connected via a “secure tunnel information” (VPN).

Big Enterprise
Separate Intranet, Communication and Security services with added value and redundancy

The solution for large enterprises reinforces the security and operability of the company through the proliferation of various types of Intranet, Communication and Security services, in order to fit the needs of a wide number of users or the geographical dispersion of a company.The high availability of the system is assured by the IPBLOC.C cluster outside the company for the web service and by the cluster IPBLOC.SEC for the secure communications with the outside world. The appliance IPBLOC.GT features unified communications and media gateway, fully protected from the ouside world by the IPBLOC.SEC cluster.The high availability of intranet sevices is guaranteed by Master / Slave IPBLOC.I servers architecture connected by optical fiber to a Storage Area Network.