Corporate TV

Designed for IPBLOC.LIVE

Have your own TV channel is already possible with IPBLOC.LIVE and the Corporate TV module, a complete Corporate TV solution that will revolutionize the communication of your company and its customers.

It is proved that lively communication is much more effective than static communication. IPBLOC.LIVE Corporate TV solution provides:
- Movies
- Advertising
- Pictures
- Information produced by iMeter
- Indications of ticketing systems
- News/phrases in footer (RSS)
- Calendar of events

Screen TV and online TV
Our Corporate TV solution goes further than just displaying content on a network of screens and allows your TV channelto be also available on the Internet. With only one technology you can achieve two very effective forms of communication!

Simple and centralized management
IPBLOC centralized management architecture allows a single administrator to manage multiple IPBLOC.LIVE that support the system of corporate TV. Through a simple and intuitive interface, you can enter all the multimedia content and synchronize them automatically with several IPBLOC.LIVE servers, geographically dispersed.In addition, the administrator of your Corporate TV can directly control all the multimedia content directly to screens and set-top boxes.
Set content according to your target audience
The same server can send different content to multiple set-top boxes. This allows you to have content specifically targeted to a specific audience.
What business opportunities?
- Banks
- Supermarkets and Cafes
- Airports
- Travel agencies
- Hotels
- Pharmacies
- Malls
- Public Administration
- Indoor and outdoor advertisement on public transportation
- Companies that sell advertising space
- Etc.

IPBLOC.LIVE is much more than a platform for Corporate TV!
Besides being a complete solution available for Corporate TV, it offers:
- Video-on-Demand - provides movies and syncs with a management platform for IP communications costs that communicates the usage of this service to be invoiced.
- IPTV - the IPBLOC.LIVE offers a variety of channels over IP.

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