Document & Process Management and Workflow System
iPortalDoc is an integrated solution for document management and workflow
that supports process desmaterialization and it has been developed for companies who feel the need to have the document management embedded in their communications network.
With a quick learning curve, iPortalDoc is simple and intuitive and it is accessible from a web browser.
But more than a Document Management application , iPortalDoc is both an application that manages Business Processes (BPM, Business Process Management).
Because there are no important documents in a company that do not have an associated process, and there is no process without several associated documents. Hence, document management and process management applications can not be separated. READ PDF
More than 10,000 people use iPortalDoc per day!

Key features:
Decisive factor:
 Creation of a single repository for all documentation

 Document Management and Quality processes

 Scan, registration and management of all incoming and
     outgoing mail (letters, faxes, e-mails, etc.)

 Standardization of documents layouts
 Accelerates the processes of decision making.

 Saves time.

 Reduces operating costs and expenses with physical files
 First GED in the world that synchronizes with a unified
     communications central.

 External platform iPortalDoc Light

 Integrates with different business applications
     (Primavera, PHC and CRM ...)

 Digital Signature

 Allows access by entities outside of the organization to the internal document manager system.

 Customers, suppliers and partners can insert, search and consult documents and integrate with workflows

 Online access done through permissions -security guaranteed

 Independent access to information, properly classified

Advanced Feature List

  •  Web interface
  •  Built on Open Source Technology
  •  Managing users and groups
  •  Integration with Microsoft Office
  •  Sharing online documents
  •  Management of document versions
  •  User actions history
  •  Exports files to ZIP, XML and PDF
  •  Supports different types of documents
  •  Search by metadata
  •  Produces statistical reports
  •  Allows automatic workflow triggering
  •  Email archive
  •  Notifications system
  •  Organizes information in a
        Document hierarchy
  •  Automatic association of emails
    to documents
  •  Email messages query associated
    with documents
  •  Integration with external
  •  Automatic classification and
    recording of communication
  •  Emails management
  •  Allows you to add comments
    to documents
  •  Multilingual
  •  Templates (PDF, Office, EML, and
    Open Office)
  •  OCR integrated
  •  CRM integrated
  •  Digital Signature (Scanned, citizen
    card and certificate)
  •  Autonomous parameterization
  •  Workflows (design tool, Petri nets)
  •  Support