IPBLOC Technology for email and collaborative tools ensures secure access to your email account, including management of contacts and calendars that synchronize with several devices.
Access your emails and contacts, consult, manage, and share calendars and tasks on a secure and fully integrated platform, this is IPBLOC proposal for Email and Collaborative Tools. Based on the proximity concept to the user, allows easy access to all information via multi-platforms (Thunderbird, Outlook Web Access and Mobile Devices), regardless of the operating system, at the lowest cost in the market.
You can use many programs to access your IPBLOC Groupware account. Here's some examples:
Features and Screenshots
E-mail Features Groupware Features Groupware for
Thunderbird - ScreenShots
Groupware for
Outlook - ScreenShots

An intranet is a computer network that uses Internet Protocol technology to share information, operational systems, or computing services within an organization, improving the business processes with low costs. All employees have better access to strategical information inside the company. Focusing on e-mail, collaborative tools as well as providing a firewall and a proxy for accessing the Internet, this system provides your company a secure and fully integrated communication experience.

E-mail and Groupware
IPBLOC is an Intranet server that provides E-mail with all Groupware tools - Agenda, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes - creating a truly collaborative enterprise environment.

Domain Controller
Works with LDAP protocol and integrates with Active Directory, inheriting all the accounts settings already created. The transfer from Microsoft technology is completely transparent.

All Intranet Features
- Files and group and individual work areas server

- Terminals, printers and database server

- Work areas backup service

- Business Applications supporter.
Internal and Relay Servers
The Scheme represents the management of two email servers with distinct goals: One will be the internal mail server and the other will do only the mail relay.