Enterprise Social Networks

It is known that social networks are now part of every person' s daily life. And they are an excellent vehicle to exchange information such as: news, ideas, opinions, accomplishments and many other.

Major companies have recognized the value of this communication platforms, and slowly have been adopting the "social network concept" to the corporate level.

Recent studies shown that companies who effectively use private social networks by their professionals, have considerable productivity increases.

The ability to communicate across different departments, trading documents in real time, decreasing the need to send an email, and improving workers relationships, are just some of the benefits of adopting this tool for the corporate environment.

IPBLOC.CAFE - IPBLOC Enterprise Social Network

Because of this reasons, IPBLOC has developed IPBLOC.CAFE, IPBLOC’s Enterprise Social Network, to provide a common virtual space, for co-workers to exchange useful information and enhance relationships for increased productivity.

But, IPBLOC has gone one step further, and integrated its own communication tools within the social network interface, such as the UCoIP system and Direct Access to Business Applications. With this, it has developed a truly collaborative environment, where all the tools and configurations are available at one click away.


Direct Push to Call

Pushing the desired user phone button to trigger a physical phone call.


No need to remember the worker phone extension. Saving time by directly searching the co-worker name inside the social network and pushing the call button.

Users List Side Bar

Access to all the users belonging to the social network. Search users by name, direct access to 4 communication types email, chat, voice and video WebRTC.


Save time by finding the desired person by its name. Improved Communication by having Chat, Email, Voice and Video, all available in 1 button.

Useful Links

Ability to add a direct link to a specific web-page within top bar, similar to a bookmark.


Time saving and a common environment for access to all information.

1 Click Document Sharing

Document sharing through the IPBLOC's document management software.


No need to write an email to send a document to co-workers. Saving time by instantly sharing with the community.

Personal News-feed

this option allows a person to find activity only related to the user itself.


Improved search capabilities, saving time by finding information only related to the personal user.

Video Call via Web-browser


Make video calls to co-workers by pushing 1 button. Or receive video calls from anyone outside of the company, which can be requested from the UCoIP page.

Business Applications

Single Sign-On capability to all IPBLOC business applications. Just a click to access any application.


No need to remeber urls. Saving time by not having to manually write urls and login credentials. Improved attention span.

Recent Notifications

Notification of activity about user posts. e.g. other users comments.


Always be aware of recent activity related to a post. Do not miss any engagement.

Change profile

  • Change personal information such as: username, password, system language and other)
  • Change voip settings, such as call redirecting and redirection mode.
  • Change email settings, such as email redirection and auto-reply message.


  • Profile customization, to fit user preferences and personality.
  • Full availability of the user to answer voice calls, wheter it be, inside or outside of the company.
  • Never lose an email message. eg. when the user goes on vacation and need to forward emails and have an auto-responder active.

Company activities

Direct access from a single page, of specific activities such as: Pools, News, and News-feed.


Save time by easily sort and find information related to a certain topic.

Personal Area

  • Access to operating system file directory with ability to edit files and folders.
  • Access to the list of received voice-mail messages and an option to edit personal voice mail message.
  • Personalize the communications page, such as logo, profile background, photo, social networks links, and colors.


  • Remote access to the user file system, when before was only possible by being physically present at the workstation.
  • Saves time by having all voice mail messages in one location and easily changing personal message.
  • Change the page layout according to the user's company logo and own personality.

News Feed & publishing

Ability to publish text, web-pages with thumbnails, images with auto-zoom, and embed YouTube videos, comment and edit posts.


Easily exchange information through several formats, with other users, flattening the company structure, improving communication and overall productivity.

Recent Company Information

Right column displayed information about recent news, pools.


Improving communication by broadcasting all company information making it available to all.

RSS feed

Up to date information


Enable users to be informed of the latest news without requiring to login.

Layout & Content Control


System administrator has total control over the creation and display of pools, news and news-feeds. Be certain to share the right information to employees.