Intranet is the application of Internet technologies into companies and organizations internal networks, improving the business processes with low costs. All employees have better access to strategical information inside the company, also reducing operational costs. Our Intranet solution is based on open source technology and integrates with every kind of software, enabling a short time installation.

E-mail and Groupware
Domain Controller
All Intranet features
  • Is an e-mail server and provides all Groupware tools - Agenda, Contact and Calendar - creating a trully collaborative enterprise environment.
  • Works with LDAP protocol and integrates with Active Directory, inheriting all the accounts settings already created. The transfer from Microsoft technology for IPBLOC technology is completly transparent to the user.
  • Files and group and individual work areas server
  • Terminals, printers and database server
  • Business Applications supporter

More About IPBLOC.H


IPBLOC.H is a software for hotspots with an easy installation that manages the Internet access, in a simple and secure way. IPBLOC.H provides an hotspot with your enterprise image, where you can set the rates that will be charged for the Internet connection and control the pages that are consulted.

What institutions need a Hotspot?
Digital open spaces, coffee shops, town halls, hotels, educational institutions, libraries, enterprises, etc.

IPBLOC.H with your enterprise image
You can make an hotspot with your enterprise image. This solution allows you to customize the content of Internet access, with the contacts of your institution, information or advertising in multiple languages. Vouchers generated by IPBLOC.H are also customizable.

IPBLOC.H generates two types of cards that indicate the login and password to make the validation in the system: the pre-paid and post-paid cards. If thWithin the pre-paid cards there are two categories, one that has a credit in cash and the other in hours. So when you buy a voucher with credit in cash the access to the Internet will be paid according to the rate charged when the navigation occurs. Is because of this kind of vouchers that it is possible to create "happy hours" : a certain period oh the day that the rates charged vary. If you choose pre-paid hours vouchers, there is no variation in the price for the Internet access. The Internet navigation is "discounted" in hours and not in cash.
The post-paid card functions in another way: one user is using the Internet and in the end, is charged for this use. This option is useful for hotels, which can add Internet access to the room occupancy. This feature exists because IPBLOC.H goes further and can integrate with applications for hotel management.
The use of the Internet may be free, but you still require for validation with login and password, which is the case, for example, in universities (where the falling number of students and password). There is another option that is providing Internet without the need for validation (for some digital squares in our country).

Setting tariffs
One of the features of IPBLOC.H is the setting of tariffs to be charged to users. With this solution it is possible that the amount paid for each Internet access varies depending on time of day or day of week, may, for example, create the "happy hours" as with the telephone tariffs.

Easy to install
As a IPBLOC, our Hotspot Software is easy to install - in just five minutes can have this system ready to be configured. Note that we are talking about a solution that is based on the security and robustness of Linux. The Disaster Recovery is also very effective in 15 minutes and can retrieve all the settings of your IPBLOC. To have your Hotspot up and running can buy the appliance IPBLOC.G Hotspot package installed or else install our solution in a machine already exists.

Management through a simple web interface
Management is made from a simple web interface where you can generate statistics to see the performance of the Hotspot, traffic control and display in real time the status of user (whether or not to use the Internet and how much credit has have).
To manage the IPBLOC.H were created two profiles of administration: the administrator who configures the system by setting all parameters and tariffs, and the operator, which generates the vouchers and only controls the access of users and traffic statistics.
All server management IPBLOC.H can be done remotely in a secure manner through a VPN connection. If it happens a problem with the server, a technician connects to the machine remotely without the need to travel.

Content filtering and management of bandwidth
The IPBLOC.H as our other systems, acting as content filtering to block web pages, harmful words and streaming audio and video, as defined by the administrator. It also allows the limitation of downloads per user while ensuring that the network is overloaded. These features, along with the system QoS (Quality Service office that organizes the Internet traffic for priority) make the connections.

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