The IPBLOC.VDI appliance consists on an architecture of Server and Thin Clients. This solution enables the management
of workstations (e.e.: thin clients), by a single server (with virtual machines associated to the thin clients), with an easy
web interface that manages: the server, virtual machines, thin clients and Internet Services.

This solution is based on IPBLOC.4CC which allows for a simple management of a virtual machine structure which supports the whole system implemented in a single server. This virtualization structure is also managed by a web interface. It means that one IT technician is enough to manage all user accounts and terminals without the need to individually manage each terminal.

  • Reduce time spent on workstation maintenance
  • Centralized management of virtual machines, users, services and desktops
  • Easily managed via a web interface
  • Allows users to have multiple operating systems simultaneously
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Reduce energy costs by the use of equipment typically less demanding in terms of resources and therefore more economic in terms of consumption (i.e.: thin clients)
  • Increased security level, all data is stored centrally
  • Flexibility and speed when replacing workstations
  • Extends the lifetime of the computer facilities, transforming the workstations in VDI terminals