Intranet, the basis of your company's work

Intranet is the basis of every company's work and IPBLOC provides that foundation, in a completely and fully integrated way.

Our solution for Intranet needs features a Business Applications supporter - which are the essential tools to manage an enterprise - whatever the business core or size is. All institutions have their billing, management, document and resource software - known as Business Applications - and IPBLOC supports most of them.

SugarCRM, Gestix, Better.ERP, Better.CRM and Primavera are some of the more used Business Applications that easily and fully integrate with IPBLOC. Note that you can access all this facilities from all over the world because IPBLOC has a VPN server - a secure way to connect to your IPBLOC server and access all data and information that you request.Nevertheless, our Intranet solution can also be a server for multiple needs: IPBLOC is an e-mail, files, domain, printer, database and web server.

The collaborative tools - address book, calendar and agenda - are the responsible ones to promote a truly mutual aid environment inside your company. All employees and collaborators can work together towards one goal.IPBLOC solutions for Intranet needs are the essential responses in order to create a dynamic internal network within your company.