Have you ever thought that all the important documentation of the organizations are on email account?

IPBLOC Mail Archiving is the system that will allow you to have full independence on emails, processes and workflow management.

With this innovative functionality, organizations will have full independent access and management of e-mails and processes, putting an end to scattered information in multiple people or multiple systems.


Because the email goes directly into the system and it will immediately run a process, by triggering an workflow, and notifying all stakeholders.

The information is available to any person, by assigning permissions. Unanswered emails, waiting response, for information are available on the system\'s interface.

It is also possible to define processes by sender or recipient. Emails received from follow workflow; emails sent to follow the workflow orders.

Every time you need to consult a document, even if you do not know its surrounding context and history, in iPortalDoc this information is completely associated: exchanged emails, budgets, invoices, phone calls or chat conversations, and it is easily re-searchable.


  •  Full independence on emails management

  •  Protection of Intellectual Property

  •  Email Backup and Disaster Recovery

  •  Storage Optimization

  •  Monitoring of Internal and External Email Content