Improve your company’s performance!

Up to 200 users

The solid growth of an enterprise requires a more complex architecture – with multiple servers dedicated to certain services – responding to different needs of everyday work.

More users does not mean slowness in information access
To ensure speed and fairness of information access by all employees of a company, the IPBLOC proposal is to put Intranet servers ( The IPBLOC.I) in ‘master’ and ‘slave’ architecture.

The ‘master/slave’ architecture allows the load distribution made by two servers – resulting from the use of multiple services (SMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP authentication, Samba, etc.). This happens because some of the workstations are using the server ‘master’ and the rest are using the ‘slave’ server, all working seamlessly.

So, the load distribution of the services used by users improves the system performance, while increases your storage capacity.

All communications in one device
We propose to you IPBLOC.GT, an Unified Communications center that provides Voice, Video, Fax, E-mail, SMS, IM and Web in a single appliance. IPBLOC can function as a Media Gateway, liaising with the traditional telephony equipment, or, if the company has not a PBX yet, IPBLOC.GT can be an IP PBX. The IPBLOC.GT incorporates the UCoIP concept (Unified Communications over IP) and is the first Unified Communications Center in the world that synchronizes with a document manager (iPortalDoc ).

Tight security
To be safe, your company needs a security appliance – the IPBLOC.SEC which provides full protection against damaging factors that can affect the equipment and your company network – Trojans, viruses, spyware, phishing, worms, etc. IPBLOC.SEC is a combination of a communications server – that prevents workstations from accessing the Internet directly – with the software that protects four key-features: E-mail, Internet, Network and Intranet .


Information access without problems

  • ♦ All employees of your company can authenticate themselves into the system and it will not slow down. This is because the IPBLOC ‘master’ and ‘slave’ architecture that distributes the authentication load on two servers..
Invest in high technology without throwing away the equipment they you already have in your company

  • ♦ The IPBLOC.GT communications center is a Media Gateway (connects to traditional telephony equipment), which means that your decision to join the most advanced telephony (VoIP) will not force you to throw away all the equipment that you already have in your company.
Web service always available

  • ♦ The IPBLOC web server may be located outside the enterprise perimeter, in a datacenter with an housing policy. So, you can ensure that your company’s web services never fail. For example, if there is a power failure in your company and because your web service is allocated in a datacenter, the access to web pages of your business is uninterrupted.


This is a possible scenario in a medium sized company that has two Intranet servers (IPBLOC.I) working in IPBLOC ‘master’ and ‘slave’ architecture, that distributes the authentication load on two servers.

There is a Unified Communications central (IPBLOC.GT), which in addition to providing all forms of communication is a Media Gateway or an IP PBX. The security server (IPBLOC.SEC) clears all the content coming into your business and prevents unwanted access to the network. It is also responsible for making the routing of e-mail messages (mail relay).

The web server (IPBLOC.IC), which is housed in a datacenter outside the company, ensures the continuity of service and may also make the mail relay.