All features in only 1 device!

Up to 15 users

The IPBLOC solution for micro-enterprises offers in only one device all the necessary features for the functioning of any organization: E-mail, Collaborative Tools, Unified Communications and Security.

E-Mail and Collaborative Tools
IPBLOC.SOHO - the appliance that consolidates this solution for micro-enterprises - is a mail server and provides Collaborative Tools - Agenda, Contacts and Calendar - providing a truly collaborative environment. It also provides services for file server, print, database and domain controller.

Unified Communications over IP
This solution enables your company to have in only one device the features of an IP PBX and FAX. IPBLOC.SOHO provides the Unified communications over IP (UCoIP) concept, with all the features of Mail2FAX and FAX2Mail (which lets you send and receive faxes through an e-mail account). It also makes telephony and can be your company’s IP PBX. It is guaranteed the other forms of communications that incorporate the UCoIP concept: Video, SMS (Mail2SMS), Instant Messaging Server (professional chat) and Web.

Your company also needs to ensure the complete security for communications and data, therefore, IPBLOC.SOHO provides a secure Internet connection, filtering traffic information. It provides services such as firewall, Intrusion Detection System and Proxy (web content filtering). Due to VPN server, you can access the internal information of your company from anywhere in the world, through a secure connection.


Costs reduction

  • Having an IPBLOC.SOHO is synonymous of having a fax and a PBX, so you are already saving on the purchase of such equipment. All faxes are sent and received by e-mail, reducing the paper costs. In addition, all your company’s communications services are based on the UCoIP concept, which will greatly decrease your expenditures in this area.
Simple to manage

  • Being a single technology that supports all services that your company needs, management is very simple and done through an intuitive web interface.

  • Do not think that by acquiring this solution you are buying a technology that is limited to the current size of your company. Your company grows and IPBLOC grows along with it, always adapting to your needs.


IPBLOC.SOHO is the epicenter of your company providing completely all the services that you need: Intranet, Communications and Security.

Your network has an IPBLOC.SOHO through which your company communicates with the outside world and vice versa: sending and receiving E-mail messages, sending and receiving faxes, Internet access, telephony, etc. All this happens with guaranteed security by the same equipment that also provides all Intranet functionalities.