Desktop4IPBLOC consists of a suite applications that allow users to access a common work environment, regardless of computer or operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac).
It is a solution installed on workstations that automatically configures the most common work related software, using Open SOurce tools such as: E-amil Client, Web Browser, IM and Voice all seamlessly integrated with the IPBLOC contacts app.

Easy to use and intuitive, Desktop4IPBLOC allows users to access client applications on any computer, anywhere in the organization, since they all share the same work environment, both in terms of applications and respective versions, as well, preferences and usage profile.
It can even be said that this application gathers in one desktop, the concept of Unified Communications over IP (UCoIP) making the most out of all the IPBLOC features. Integrated into a work environment, the different communication media, used in an organization (Voice, Mail, Web and IM) is accessible to users via a quick access interface.

Advantages:- Benefit from the centralized and automatic management/configuration of the most commonly used productivity tools, based on Open Source software (Voice, Mail, Web, IM),- Freeware apps, with features that normally would only be available in proprietary software;- Uniform configuration across all OS environments, using the same tools;- Ability to customize access to different applications according to the user's workspace;- Reduced costs and time spent in setting the posts as this process becomes fully automatic.