Communications and data with all security!

Up to 50 users

For security reasons, with the company’s growth it is necessary to “separate” the server that has the critical data (user accounts, documents, business applications, etc.) and the server responsible for communications and that connects to the Internet.

E-Mail and Collaborative Tools
The IPBLOC.I – is the mail server and provides Collaborative Tools – Agenda, Contacts and Calendar – providing a truly collaborative environment in your company. It also provides services for file server, print, database and domain controller. It supports different business applications that makes your business flow.

Unified Communications over IP
In the business context, communications made only by voice don’t make sense anymore because now enterprises need (UCoIP) concept (Unified Communications over IP). It is a solution advocated by IPBLOC that provides all forms of communication – Voice, Video, Fax, E-mail, SMS, IM and Web. These features are gathered in IPBLOC.C server, which is a communications server that guarantees the scalability and compatibility with existing equipment in your company.

IPBLOC technology also guarantees complete security for your company, offering features such as Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, VPN, pre-installed Anti-Spam and Anti-virus software and Proxy. All these services are used to protect your network and communications.


Separation of features, more security

  • ♦ The Intranet and communications services are separated from security features into two different servers, ensuring the protection of all critical information of your company.

  • ♦ If your company is using other technology and wants to change to IPBLOC solution, know that this passage is completely transparent to the user. In fact, users of the old system do not perceive the exchange to the new system and can work without interruptions.

  • ♦ The possibility of expanding your business and with it expand the IPBLOC technology is infinite. So, know that when buying IPBLOC you are acquiring a robust and secure solution!


IPBLOC.SOHO is the epicenter of your company providing completely all the services that you need: Intranet, Communications and Security.

Your network has an IPBLOC.SOHO through which your company communicates with the outside world and vice versa: sending and receiving E-mail messages, sending and receiving faxes, Internet access, telephony, etc.. All this happens with guaranteed security by the same equipment that also provides all Intranet functionalities.