Support for the customer satisfaction

The support department is one of the most important services in a company, because it guarantees the customer\'s satisfaction. In order to keep always in touch with our partners and clients, solidifying the trust they have on us, the IPBLOC Support Dpt. is always available for you!

We have two Support Levels:
Free Support - For information and technical clarifications
Paid Support - On Site/Remote
Technical support - Implementation and configurations services

How to ask for our help?

Is Trouble Ticket System that allows you to warn of the difficulties that you have. As soon as you insert this information into the IPTicket system, it automatically triggers a series of actions to solve the problems. Thereafter, all people who may be involved in this solution are convened to respond to the problem posed by the customer.IPTicket step-by-step:

1. Help Request - can be done by e-mail or introducing a ticket directly into the system
2. Support Levels - The tickets introduced are ordered by the level of its urgency
3. Follow you problem solution - You can always see in which status your ticket is and you are warned when the problem is solved
4. Register for assistance - IPTicket registers all the support given.