iPTicket is a program that you can have in your company that manages the resolution of your clients problems.
This is the proposal of iPTicket, an application where customers warn of the difficulties they have and when they insert this information in to the system, it automatically triggers a series of actions to solve them.

Thereafter, all people who may be involved in this solution are convened to respond to the problem posed by the client. In the end, both you and your customer can receive reports produced by iPTicket and know, for example, which assists were made, how long it took and how much they cost. Moreover, this is a Web-based solution, which means you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Here is iPTicket, seen by a triple perspective:

The client reports a problem

A customer reports to your company a problem by sending an e-mail or accessing the iPTicket application (if he is authorized by the application's administrator).

This report - in which the customer can also determine the priority of the question posed - is recorded and iPTicket sends a notice confirming the receipt of the request for help. Simultaneously, it also triggers an automatic procedure that calls seconded staff to resolve the type of problem reported by the client.

As this procedure continues from stage to stage (always driven by a predefined workflow) to the final outcome - that is where the problem is completely solved - the customer who asked for help will receive emails to inform of that evolution.

As usual, the solution of problems sometimes requires the exchange of information between technicians and who asked for help. This kind of communication is done by email and is always properly stored and associated with the process. In the end, or during the procedure, you or your client can always get this history.

Staff designated to resolve

The iPTicket has predefined procedures in which people are designated to solve specific problems. As soon as a solicitation for help made by a client enters in the system, these technicians, who have a pre-determined profile in the organization, are immediately alerted.

The time it takes for the technical assistance - if they are necessary to solve the problem - and how much it costs is recorded in iPTicket.

The administrator can supervise the performance

You or the person who manages your iPTicket can analyze the performance of your problems "solver".

This application creates reports and various types of graphs about the tasks required of a procedure for resolving problems, the date start and end of the process, including response times, etc..

By using iPTicket you can evaluate the whole performance, which are the most common problems posed by the clients and, for example, which resources these problems require.

IPTicket suits every business area

This application accomplishes iPortalMais prerogative of creating solutions that suits every business area. It is particularly useful for service providers.

The "outsourcing" of solving problems

Another alternative scenario of IPTicket is the "outsourcing" of solving the problems of your company. For example, one of your employees has a difficulty to access his e-mail and sends a warning to the IPTicket installed in your company.

The program automatically notifies the entity responsible for resolving this particular problem, which should initiate the necessary actions to resolve the difficulties raised. Different companies or organizations can solve different problems, and IPTicket makes this management and routing of requests for help and solutions.