UCoIP is the next and awaited step in telecommunications, after VoIP which was created long time ago in the 90′s.

The main idea behind UCoIP is to simplify the number of addresses that each person has nowadays, in order to establish different forms of communications between two individuals.

We invite you to watch the Video and request a Personalized Account. You will be able to test the UCoIP Concept by accessing the Unified Communications Page, in which you can Communicate with friends and Coworkers.

An Address which unifies all other addresses and that everyone uses… Have you ever considered this question? And if so, what should be this unique address? It would certainly be an address that allow to recognize a person and the organization at the same time.

But anyone will say, “Isn’t this the email address?”
This address can be the user address, and we should use it to communicate by the various forms available, including: Email (as it was originally used), Voice, Video and Professional Chat.
After years of work to solve this problem, IPBLOC developed the technology to implement the concept. With the new version of “IPBLOC 6″ Server and the use of IP Communications for Voice, Video, Chat and Email protocols, you can dial the username in the computer or on your mobile phone and communicate across all channels.
By typing a simple web address in a browser “user.company.com” (instead of user@company.com), you reach the desired person easily, without the need to memorize multiple addresses (Email Address, Skype Addresses, Phone Numbers and Company links).
You can send an e-mail, have a chat conversation, make a Voice or Video call, to the person you desire from the UCoIP page. With this feature you can be assure to reach a person, because even phone calls are redirected to the personal phone!