Voice, Vídeo, Fax, E-mail, SMS, IM and Web are the communications core of every business. IPBLOC.GT is pioneering the implementation of UCoIP (Unified Communications over IP) features in it communication products. UcoIP adds mobility and enterprise communications integration to the telecommunications world. It fits all your needs with full flexibility and the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Native integration
Scalable solution
Simplicity in VoIP In a single device:
  • •Document Management (iPortalDoc) for communications recording: calls, faxes, e-mails messages and IM conversations.
  • • CRM (SugarCRM, CRM PHC) for automatic register of communications.
  • • Works in high availability (IPBLOC.GT cluster)
  • • Operation in distributed mode: Unified Communications functions distributed by different IPBLOC.GT
  • • IP PBX
  • • Media Gateway (connects with existing PBX and PSTN)
  • • Media Proxy
  • • Firewall and VPN
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Communication without boundaries
The VoIP Gateway service routes your calls both to VoIP providers and PSTN operators so that your costs are kept to a minimum. In most countries VoIP prices are much lower than when connecting to landline or mobile operator network. When using an IPBLOC.GT, your phone calls will always count as local calls, whatever the distance. You will also be able to reduce your communication costs between VoIP servers. IPBLOC.GT can also integrate with an existing PBX, assuring compatibility with equipment which has been already installed. This means that you don’t have to buy new phones and your employees don’t have to adapt suddenly to new technologies.
A complete PBX
IPBLOC.GT can entirely replace your traditional PBX. It offers a full range of services, including queue management, call scheduling, parking and transfer, as well as on-hold music and call conference. It also enables the easy configuration of call groups and access classes. The DISA function gives you access to all the telephony features from outside the office as if you were inside the building. The result is cheaper phone calls and access to your message box from anywhere.
It moves the office with you
The VPN SSL remote access feature allows you to call from anywhere in the world as if you were inside the office with a wi-fi enabled cell phone or a laptop. Roaming costs won’t be an obstacle to your communication any more with these free calls.
An attendant always available
The Interactive Voice Response service provides your customers a 24 hour attendance. Any person that calls your business will get the needed answers through a complete set of options that are activated by touch tones.
Your Website includes a Phone
You manage all your sites’ features in a simple and safe way. You have all the technologies at your fingertips that you need to easily create dynamic websites with database support. IPBLOC.GT gives you the possibility to have a web-phone in your site to be used by your customers and partners enabling a direct contact with no costs.
Email your SMS
The Mail2SMS service enables you to send SMS to the mobile phone number you want through your email account. You just need a computer to access your web-mail.
Fax just a click away
The Fax2Mail Service enables IPBLOC to deliver any incoming Fax to a defined e-mail address. The return direction is provided by the Mail2Fax service. You may send an attached pdf file to the Fax number you want just by using your email client application or web-mail.
E-mail and Webmail effective management
Email is becoming one of the most important business tools. Therefore, its effective management is fundamental for your success. IPBLOC.GT distributes and filters the outgoing and incoming mails, collecting all mails from your ISP. The integrated web-mail function gives you email access from everywhere in the world.
Messenger becomes a professional tool
IPBLOC.GT integrates a Professional Chat Server to provide you the full control of this feature, which also excludes undesired users from accessing your users.